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Correct Toes toe spacers, made of medical-grade silicone, help restore proper toe alignment and help correct bunionettesbunionscrooked toeshallux limitus and rigidushammertoesingrown toenailsneuromasplantar fasciosisrunner's kneesesamoiditis, and shin splints. Correct Toes toe spacers are durable, comfortable, and economical, especially when compared to the most common alternatives, orthotics or surgery, which cost hundreds or thousands of dollars and frequently are not reimbursed by insurance companies. Correct Toes helps reduce injury rates, improves athletic performance, enhances foot and toe strength and flexibility, and decreases the likelihood of lower extremity osteoarthritis. This toe-spacing device also improves proprioception and balance. Correct Toes toe spacers work well with men's and women's wide-toe-box footwear, Injinji toe socks, and Strutz Pro or Pedag metatarsal pads. Please see the Correct Toes Manual for more info about how to use this incredible product. Each package of Correct Toes contains two toe spacers, a glossy owner's manual, and a handy reusable storage pouch.

• Designed by podiatric physician Dr. Ray McClanahan, D.P.M.
• Clinically tested on thousands of patients with outstanding success
• Wearable all day inside footwear that’s widest at the ends of the toes
• Can be used as a night splint to passively restore normal toe anatomy
• A safe and cost-effective alternative to conventional orthotics or surgery
• Constructed from medical-grade silicone to be flexible, comfortable, and durable
• Suitable for weight-bearing activities (e.g., running) to promote strength and balance
• Treats and prevents bunionshammertoesplantar fasciosis and other problems
• Designed to place each toe in the correct position relative to the ground and to each other

Correct Toes comes in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Correct Toes sizing depends on a lot of factors, including foot width, toe width, current degree of toe splay, etc. Listed below are the general (approximate) guidelines for each size:

Small: Works best for children or individuals with very petite feet (i.e., people who have a shoe size of approximately US women’s size 6.5 and under).

Medium: Works best for almost all women (i.e., women who wear shoes ranging in size from approximately US women's size 7 to 12) and some men (i.e., men who have a shoe size of approximately US men’s size 11 and under).

Large: Works best for most men who have a shoe size of approximately US size 11 and up or women who have a shoe size of approximately US women’s size 13 and up.

If you think you might be between sizes, you can e-mail us ( a picture of your feet taken while standing next to a ruler to show the length and width of your feet. This image can give us a more accurate idea about the size that will be most appropriate for you. Alternatively, you could buy two sizes and then return the one that doesn't fit as well for a refund. Note: Some people may need to start out with the Medium size but later graduate to the Large size as foot adaptations occur. Please contact us if you have further questions about Correct Toes sizing.

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